Elections are here

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Latino citizens from Phoenix ask for immigration reform

Aleksandra Dukovska

How is to follow gubernatorial election in the USA, but much farther from Washington D.C. – the center of all political developments and events?

To watch closely on the elections from Arizona at the very least is interesting for several reasons. This state found itself in the focus of international attention due to controversial immigration law.

The SB 1070 partially shaped the election campaign of candidates for Governor of Arizona even though issues that are more important are pressing this state in this moment such as economy and state budget.

In fact, high public support for the law increasingly harms the Democrats and probably allows the Republican candidates a better starting position on the Election Day.

In addition, the law probably will determine the winner. While the current Governor finds excuses not participating to direct confrontation and debate, my personal impression is that there is a respect between candidates.

The election campaign is aggressive with video broadcasts on television, but it lacks large billboards and huge campaigns posters. The focus is more on direct contacts with the citizens and use of Internet and social media to communicate with the potential voters.

Transparency is apparent in every moment and you can check how much the election campaign cost and how each of the candidates collected from donations.

I could not notice during the past few months use of words that violate the dignity of the opponent and that is probably something that will stay longest in my memory from the elections in Arizona.

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  1. I’m really surprised that two of you now have noted the candidate-bashing. I’m so numb to it now, I barely pay it any attention. I almost expect to see TV ads saying the other candidate is an adulterer or a hypocrite. The ads still won’t cross the line of attacking family members though, at least as far as I can remember.

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