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Aleksandra Dukovska

I am not an expert on the world geopolitical issue and I do not pretend to come one at the moment. However, I can’ t say that I am not aware of the importance of the uprising in Egypt. Geographically, Macedonia is far away from the Egypt, even though it was a very popular tourist destination for years. Using that logic, I should be neutral towards the events in Egypt. Could I?

All world news media outlets report’s on Egypt and have been tried to understand and explained on the echoes that are coming from this country. How I can watch the news and not think on the consequences, the roots or the background facts on the uprising in Egypt. It is impossible to stay away from this leaderless revolution.

We read a lot on the dilemmas about future on Egypt. We read a lot about the forthcoming election in September. We read and listened to the reports about Muslim Brotherhood. Most of the comments are that the Muslim Brotherhood is moderate and it will not purse for the biggest presence of the religion in the Egypt society.

International Crisis Group made one report on Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt in 2008. Then they recommended “clarifying or revising Article 5 of the constitution, as amended in 2007, to set guidelines for the establishment of a political party with religious reference.’ Some of the recommendation of the International Crisis Group with that report asked from the Brotherhood to “amend” their political program to have more women and no-Muslim members in it.

The report questioned: confrontation or integration?  Couples of years later we can ask how much religion could influence on the future political look of Egypt. One prominent figure went to Egypt with hope that can lead and negotiate for the future of the country.

Mohamed ElBaradei is one of the leading international figures. He was a member of the International Crisis Group to the moment he decided to return and be with people in Egypt. He suspended his membership in the board of ICG in the same time he decided to return in Egypt.

In their last statement on Egypt, ICG appeal to the army in this country to protect the right on citizens to protest and to prevent the violence on the street. However, they ask for a peaceful transition and changes in the law on political parties, removing political barriers and for less state interference in the media.