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Aleksandra Dukovska

"It is our job as a journalist to create"- Brian Storm

The power of visual storytelling was around us on Monday as Brian Storm from MediaStorm unfolded the simple story about big issues: love, quality of food, Rwanda rape victims, climate change, private and public partnership.

If something hit me for the past seven months in the USA that is it. It is the endless  power of visual storytelling, good combination of narration and music. Simple approach and many hours of extraordinary post-production.

Brian Storm, founder and executive producer of MediaStorm shared with us his way of developing the story, his unique approach towards advocacy journalism combined with multimedia tools. Simply, interesting, delicate, modern and dynamic.

Highlight of the night from his speech: “It is our job as a journalist to create.”

Storm shared with us useful ideas how to keep your independence, work for the best companies and organization and give the people to freedom to combine journalism and to tell the stories with creativity. The MediaStorm stories, documentaries and animation are simply different.

What is the common for me in the USA and you from Macedonia, he asked? The people.

Indeed, the people are the best storytellers and they can give you the biggest inspiration you can imagine.

This is not about the news and the facts. This is about the life around us. The stories that should have the impact, make you cry and show you the close up of everyday life.

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