Humphrey Fellows launch Raindrops, Ripples and Reflections Legacy Project

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Each year fellows have as final endeavour envisioning a legacy project. Something that expresses their journey and contributes  to future fellows. Raindrops, Ripples and Reflections are the inspiration for Humphrey Fellow’s Legacy Project 2013-2014. The main idea is based on the effect of a single raindrop makes in the sea that is analogous to the impact some leaders have in people’s lives. As raindrops make ripples on the water, leaders create change. Together Humphrey Fellows and students attaches created a multi-pronged venture, comprised of the following parts:

E-book : It is a unique digital/online product that recaps the 2013-14 ASU Humphrey cohort’s professional and personal journey. It incorporates reflections on their experiences during the 10-month fellowship and their aspirations for the future. A distinctive twist in this production, which is unlike previous Legacy Projects,  is that it also includes reflections from attaches as well as ASU Humphrey alumni.

CD booklet – It is a music compilation that showcases traditional songs from each Fellow’s home country, and one song representative of the attaches.

Video – These are short videos regard to activities that fellows are involved such seminars, retreats, and other events.  The videos could be seen at the Humphrey’s Youtube channel, and check out the video with a remixed version of the song “Happy”, by Pharrell Williams.


Blog – This blog was redesigned, having now a clean style and more interactivity. Cronkitehhh blog provides thought leadership from the fellows on various issues and elements of the Humphrey program, including topics and projects from the Humphrey seminar syllabus, general professional development and American cultural immersion experiences.

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