Global mind: how to face a flood of information?

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Information and communication technologies are getting tremendous, making borders invisible. From Burkina Faso, I can interact with people around the world and update news. Globalization makes information reachable, diversified and speedy. The challenge remains with the ability as readers or followers to raise our critical thinking. “Increased speed of communication and the ability of people to read about, spread, and react to global news quickly, forces us to become more involved with one another from various social groups and countries around the world and to be more aware of our global responsibilities” Marshall McLuhan said in his theory about global village. How can we deal with all this flood of information and get the right and truly one?


The more internet users subscribe to many websites, the more they get different versions about the same story. It will be better to make a cross reading to take the “nugget gold”. After getting the most Important thesis, sharing it will highlight the followers and make dipper our influence.

So, it is one of the way to strengthen our brand on social medias. It is about checking out information and show the lack of accuracy on them or to really emphasize the principal fact.


Marie Laurentine Bayala