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Strategic leadership


In our current world, there are so many types of leaders; some were born as leaders and some worked very hard to get there. From politics to sports, efficient leaders are very important… Continue reading

experiencing a new era of development


Reception at the State Department The world is experiencing a new era of development. During my lifetime, I had the opportunity to attend many conferences and forums around the world but what I witnessed… Continue reading

Journalism and Code of Ethics


  There are many parallels between the field of journalism and code of ethics. In the field of journalism, a code of ethics is ensuring the free exchange of information that is accurate,… Continue reading

Thoughts on personal branding


          According to branding strategy insider website Global brands are brands that are recognized throughout the world. Companies intending to create global brands need to do the following: 1. identify the relative attractiveness of each… Continue reading

Twitter analytics


On September 15th, 2017,  I attended the 90- minute MASTERY lecture about twitter analytics and it was very useful to me personally. I decided to write about what I have learnt to share… Continue reading

Poverty, Youth Unemployment and Education


I was asked to blog about what would be the solution for terrorism? I will write based on my experiences in my home country Egypt. Why do we have terrorists? How are they… Continue reading

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