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How to “serve” to an adaptive challenge?


Adaptive leadership is a response to adaptive challenges which are complex, not very well analyzed or -for several reasons- ignored challenges. The adaptive leadership requires a very honest elaboration of the challenge by… Continue reading

Friendship: What to do with it in professional life?


Don’t we all wish that there was a magical recipe or an operating manual for managing relationships? We have so many different kinds of relationships and each of them is unique: different foundation,… Continue reading

Learning from Experience: Democracy and Media


This week, I had the privilege to listen Bob Schieffer sharing his experiences on multiple occasions. Having years of experience in broadcast journalism, Schieffer witnessed many important turning points in American history. Schieffer… Continue reading

Encore Anxiety: The Unbearable Dullness of Being Successful


I had never heard the term “encore anxiety” until three days ago, but the more I read about it, the more it made sense to me. Buddha suggests that “The mind is the… Continue reading

Why I am confused about teamwork?


After six years of working professionally in teams, I often question teamwork. Here are the few issues and questions I have in mind: Look any job description you want: You are required to… Continue reading

Can collective experience of elders bring peace to the world?


The first time I heard about the Elders was in 2007 just before the launch of the network. I was at an international conference in Scotland and the audience was mostly from the… Continue reading

Stop Acting Like Leaders!


My name is Bashar al-Asad. I am the President of Syria. As the son of Hafez  al-Asad who ruled the country for 30 years, I was the only candidate in the presidential elections… Continue reading

Derya Kaya Elevator Pitch


I am experienced in several areas of the nonprofit sector, having worked as a development professional, social entrepreneur, volunteer and activist for almost 10 years. I contributed to several key publications on the… Continue reading

To Dream or not to Dream: That is the Question


Who is capable of changing the world? Is it politicians, businessmen, individuals, artists, journalists? My answer to that question is people. I believe in the power of organized and active citizens. The ones… Continue reading

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