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Leadership and Values


Over the course of the Humphrey Seminar, we’ve dissected a lot of social, political and cultural questions. From this, I’ve tried to distill a way to succeed in personal and professional goals. Dialogue… Continue reading

Leader Plan from “Hero of Hispaniola”


I used class today to present leadership values I pulled from “Hero of Hispaniola” by Chris Teal through quotes. Teal’s masterful description of the diplomat provided insight into how he lead, an example… Continue reading

Media nope and media hope


The election is finally over, but analysis of what went wrong and right will likely last for years. As far as media goes, our role in the results comes directly as a result… Continue reading

Where our ethics come from?


I know my values pretty well. Integrity and patience are important to me, active honesty is challenging but critical. People should be positive but receptive to criticism, accept good and bad feelings and… Continue reading

The great (and instructive) outdoors


Today I spent about five hours hiking the Flatiron, a challenging, five-ish mile trail that can get very vertical. Here’s evidence. It seemed appropriate after this hike to talk about leadership lessons we… Continue reading

A new kind of leadership from Boyan Slat


Boyan Slat founded The Ocean Cleanup Project in 2013. The United Nations Environment Programme gave him the Champion of the Earth award a year later. Like many entrepreneurs, he has an origin story.… Continue reading

Inevitability of a Global Brand


Social media statistics from this April tell an important story. Facebook has around 1,590,000,000 users. Instagram has 400,000,000. 320,000,000 people are tweeting and 200,000,000 people are updating their Snapchat stories. Regardless of how… Continue reading

The media and racism: what does it matter…


By Adetola Kayode and Gabriel Sandler Racism in America dates back to centuries ago. There’s been prejudice, preference, bias over the years and most times when hate sets in, it becomes racism depending… Continue reading

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