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Are we capable of self discovery?


“Crossing the Unknown Sea” by David Whyte is an inspirational book that takes its readers from the oceans and tides of a real life into a voyage of identity and self-discovery. David Whyte… Continue reading

Erin Brockovich: An Unexpected Leader


BY: Olivia Richard, Phanindra Dahal, Dalia Younis & Jinjin Mo Standing for what is right even if she stands alone Julia Roberts won Oscar Award for her portrayal of real life environmental activist… Continue reading

How South Asian media are covering US midterm?


As the 2018 midterm election results are announced in the US, South Asian media are writing stories stating that the battle for the 2020 presidential elections have already kickstarted in America. Last month… Continue reading

Dashain in the United States


For a while I have been homesick, however, this past week offered me a chance to connect with my family and my culture once again. Dashain is the biggest annual festival in the Nepali… Continue reading

‘Becoming the voice of people’


I am passionate about journalism because this provides me an opportunity to be the voice of the people. My goal is to enhance public service journalism by disseminating accurate information. Public service has… Continue reading

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