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Can a book force one to think like a leader?


My idea of leadership started to get a definition after I became a Hubert H. Humphrey fellow. The starting point of this discovery was the question ‘where do you see yourself ten years… Continue reading

Breaking bread with Pakistan through Global Leadership Forum


    Coming from a small country in South Asia, it was an unbelievable experience for me to meet people from around the world. Without travelling to those 91 countries I got to… Continue reading

What Inspires My Ethics


  Bernhard Lang/ Getty Images By Kazi Mohua I first came along with the term of ‘Ethics Code’ from my sister. After she joined the military, she used to tell us her personal… Continue reading

Things change, fall apart and renew while shaping my global brand!


By Kazi Mohua I often think about the reason for our existence in this universe. What is the main reason that creates our sense of being? Is it being successful or making our… Continue reading

No silver bullet solution is the solution


by Kazi Mohua Despite having some orthodox problems like over population and political instability, Bangladesh, the South Asian nation, has been a textbook example for its steady growth in the economy and various… Continue reading

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