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The Andes miracle


Los Andes is the biggest mountain range in South America, and the longest in the world. It is born deep in the south, where Chile and Argentina stretch themselves until almost touching the… Continue reading

Window to the world

by   The GLF was a huge eye opener for me. Even though I have had the chance to travel extensively, and meet people from different cultures before, to get together with 150… Continue reading

Today´s biggest ethic challenge


Why is ethics so important in journalism? The key word here is trust. As a journalist, that trust you earn from the audience is all you can count on. It´s the only capital… Continue reading

Global brand


Journalists face many challenges these days. Maybe too many. Fast evolving technology, deep changes in business models, audiences as ignorant of the basics of our work, as critical of our role in society.… Continue reading

How to fight terrorism


It seems painfully obvious that if the author had a “recipe” to successfully confront one of the big dramas of our time, terrorism, he would be looking at a career in the UN… Continue reading

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