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Bernie Sanders: an Authentic Trailblazer


Tasked with choosing a world leader who has had a global impact on each group member, we easily decided former presidential candidate and longest stand independent Senator Bernie Sanders was just the leader… Continue reading

Networking to connect Nations


Networking has the ability to unite individuals, cultures, and nations through just an initial effective greeting. When learning a new language, often greetings are the first thing we start with and for good… Continue reading



One’s individual code of ethics is fundamental to their identity as a person and guides all decision making. Ethics formulate one’s sense of judgement, their character and determines just how far a person… Continue reading

Writing: a tool utilized to overcome differences, understand others and develop leaders


Marli Mayon Allie Barton Marina Ridjic Ahmed Maher Freedom Writers is a movie about privilege, perspective, and persistence. Based on the true story, the movie centers around Erin Gruwell, a first time high… Continue reading

Making the Most of (Social) Media


  How can I make the most of my global reach considering anyone in the world with access to the internet can be made aware of what I’m doing on a Friday night?… Continue reading

Talk to a Terrorist and Give Peace a Chance


Having been only six years old when the 9/11 terrorist attack took place in New York City, my experience and understanding of that event is largely molded by bearing witness to the political… Continue reading

About Contact Culture and Cuisine: Vegetarianism transcending borders


Marli Mayon Daneel Knoetze Mehrin Mansoori Its often said that Facebook, as a community or ‘nation’, rivals the size of the most populous nation states in the world. As with online communities, which… Continue reading

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