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Learning how to be a better leader


Never in my entire life have I said the word leader so many times as in these past few months. Leader. Am I a Leader? Who said I was a Leader? Did I… Continue reading

The Humphrey network


At first it was just me – the Humphrey fellow. When I got my final approval of being the next Croatian Humphrey fellow, I had only a vague image of what that means. I… Continue reading

Ethics in journalism: How to fight bias?


    Being a journalist today is harder than ever. Attacked from all sides by the politicians and feeling the economic burden of a usually struggling media we work in, it is very… Continue reading

Branding yourself – except it`s not you


In the world of social media, where life goes through a camera multiple times a day, everybody gets a chance to reinvent themselves. Creating your global self is like a second chance. You… Continue reading

Education is the key to solving terrorism


When our professor suggested that we write a blog on How to solve terrorism, I thought he was kidding. It is the world’s greatest problem and if a dozen of Humphrey Fellows could… Continue reading

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