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Pride and Ireland…


Today the meeting of EU finance ministers reminded me this week’s discussion subject in our Humphrey Seminar which was pride. Is pride good thing or bad thing? I believe it totally depends on… Continue reading



A Family Man He lived a simple childhood, born on October 7th, 1952, in Leningrad. He grew up to have a model marriage and a picture perfect family. However, some allege that his… Continue reading

Ethics in Journalism


For sure obeying to ethical rules is very important in any profession. However when it comes to journalism, it is  especially quite a tough job to obey these rules. You have to be careful with your relations, however… Continue reading

Journey to” Phoenix” and Leadership


  As all the world heard the name “Phoenix” once more with the Phoniex capsule used to rescue the trapped Chilean miners, i wanted to share the meaning of this name in eastern culture.… Continue reading

On Convergence


On the 1st of October we visited Channel 12, and Arizona Republic. These three media institutions have been in a convergence process. It was a highly informative visit for all of us. Before the… Continue reading

Learning More About Our Cultures and Becoming a Global Leader


On 29th of August I participated in a great event with some of other Humphrey Fellows: The Dance Performance by “Yellow Bird Productions”.  Yellow Bird Productions,  a family company, has been performing their authentic… Continue reading

on “Servant-Leadership”


In our first Humphrey seminar, we have learnt about Servant –Leadership characteristics. When i came back home, i read it again and thought about that. Remember the characteristics: listening, empathy, healing, awareness, persuasion,… Continue reading

My Humphrey Year


I want this Humphrey year to be a great year for me . After working for more than ten years, i know how difficult and special it is to have about a year… Continue reading

hello everybody


I am happy to meet you…hope that it will be a great year for all of us.

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