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My Path Towards Leadership


  After being in the Humphrey Seminar this semester, I am glad I was a part of it. I enjoyed being in a classroom filled with different cultures and bright individuals from across… Continue reading

WikiLeaks: Porous Boundaries of Public and Private in Digital Media


WikiLeaks is multi-national organization that was founded by it’s publisher Julian Assange in 2006. The organization was established to make public official materials relating to war, spying and corruption. It has published more than… Continue reading

Did the Media go too far during the U.S. Elections?


After months of campaigning, the 2016 Presidential Elections were over. The American people voted and the opposing candidate won. With 290 electoral votes, Donald Trump won one of the strangest elections in U.S.… Continue reading

Personal Ethics: Right from Wrong?


Ethics. The topic everyone hears about and hates going over. All organizations have their own form ethics, which help them from committing fraud or sometimes destroying the world. However, as individuals we also… Continue reading

Influence on the Presidential Campaign


With the first of three presidential debates completed, many celebrities have come out to support their Democratic or Republican nomination. It’s clear that these individuals speak out because of their influence our generation… Continue reading

The Global Brand: Linkedin


Social Media is a thriving medium that is used throughout the world. There’s a variety of choices from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, but which website is truly more professional?   Linkedin. It is… Continue reading

Racism in the United States: No power, No racism


By: Laurentine Bayala & Sebastian Ogaz Will racism increase in the United States if the Republican Candidate Donald Trump rises to power? Last June on CNN, Reid Ribble a Republican congressman accused Trump… Continue reading

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