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‘Becoming the voice of people’


I am passionate about journalism because this provides me an opportunity to be the voice of the people. My goal is to enhance public service journalism by disseminating accurate information. Public service has… Continue reading

Where you’ll lead, I follow: music musings on leadership


By: Alexandra Watts (Photo credit – Pixabay) I was able to connect how I wanted to be a leader through musicians. I love music a lot, and it is something that I relate… Continue reading

Leadership: Drawing on great experiences


“A leader is one who summons the best from others, as he calls upon the best within himself, to join in the common cause and the common purpose.” Hubert. H Humphrey   My… Continue reading

On The Road to Being Decent


“The mental space that was once occupied by moral struggle has gradually become occupied by the struggle to achieve. Morality has been displaced by utility,” writes David Brooks, the famed New York Times… Continue reading

Leadership Lessons


Through the Humphrey Seminar, I’ve had the opportunity to think a lot about leadership. What makes a successful or unsuccessful leader and how I can be a leader myself. We’ve had a lot… Continue reading



Leadership is about taking responsibilities, stepping up to challenges and never be found wanting. For me the roadmap to leadership is a gradual step. If you have never been a good follower, there’s… Continue reading

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