The Humphrey network


At first it was just me – the Humphrey fellow. When I got my final approval of being the next Croatian Humphrey fellow, I had only a vague image of what that means. I… Continue reading

Breaking bread with Pakistan through Global Leadership Forum


    Coming from a small country in South Asia, it was an unbelievable experience for me to meet people from around the world. Without travelling to those 91 countries I got to… Continue reading

Global Leadership Forum – A Rare Chance of Feeling One along with Many


I had never met a person from Somalia, Bolivia, Sudan, Kosovo, Burundi, Azerbaijan or Burkina Faso till the global leadership forum happened! There is always a moment in your life when you realize… Continue reading

Window to the world

by   The GLF was a huge eye opener for me. Even though I have had the chance to travel extensively, and meet people from different cultures before, to get together with 150… Continue reading

Networking with Alumni—A good way for career promotion


Alumni association is an immense network of professional contacts. This also applies to Humphrey Fellowship program. Global leadership Forum provides us a good platform to connect with former fellows. What can we learn… Continue reading

Networking to connect Nations


Networking has the ability to unite individuals, cultures, and nations through just an initial effective greeting. When learning a new language, often greetings are the first thing we start with and for good… Continue reading

Warning from a Previous Fellow – Reintegrating Will Not Be Easy


There are many of us who have their jobs waiting for them when the Humphrey program ends and we return home. For some of us, though, the return home will mean the beginning… Continue reading

The Value of Networking


The idea of “networking” can seem tedious at times. The term might invoke a sort of technical, calculated connotation, in which we only view other people as opportunities for our own professional advancement… Continue reading

Networking: An essential tool


Networking is an essential tool for journalists and the Walter Cronkite School gives its students, including the Humphrey fellows, many opportunities to learn how to network and make connections all over the world.… Continue reading

Networking is Connecting


There are a few ways to think about networking, but they all seem to fall into one of two ways of thinking: either networking is fun or networking is a task. From my… Continue reading

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