Was it the US Media that killed the Climate Bill?

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One of my focuses of study is sustainability and what often comes up is regret over the recent climate bill not passing, especially after the oil spill had motivated so many constituents. A lot of fingers are pointed as to why this happened. Did Washington not rally behind the bill as they did with healthcare? Did special interests interfere with the bill’s passage?

But a lot of the time people blame the US media. “Fair and unbiased coverage” and “covering both sides” is seen as a detriment to the environmental movement. Joe Romm’s article for Climate Progress talks about how media over represents the “outlier”:

“Reporters need to learn that, if they wish to discuss ‘both sides’ of the climate issue, the scientifically legitimate “other side” is that, if anything, global climate disruption is likely to be significantly worse than has been suggested in scientific consensus estimates to date.”

What do you think?