Shirin Ahmadpour’s Elevator Pitch

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Shirin Ahmadpour

Hello, my name is Shirin Ahmadpour. I am currently studying at Arizona State University’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication. I am also a part of Barrett, the Honors College where I am on track to receive my Bachelor’s and Master’s degree within four years. I aspire to be the public relations director for the Walt Disney Company. However, my main vision is to give and serve in any and all ways as I can. Through active communicative efforts, I hope to work specifically for the outreach and charitable departments of major companies and organizations. I am excited to carry my experience in the work force as a social media manager, journalist and promotions specialist; my cultural experience that I have received through traveling to eight different countries and from having roots in the Philippines and Iran; and my experience in artistic expression that has been developed through years of dance, theatre and music. With a diverse background and open and optimistic attitude I feel confident in my abilities to learn and create change. I hope to be an asset in any area of work and be a useful link to fresh ideas.


Shirin's Elevator Pitch