Rula’s Mission Statement

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Living in an era of vast transformation, now more than ever, I am yearning to learn something new. I am ready to indulge in a revitalizing experience of discovering myself, as well as the world around me from a new perspective.

As a TV producer extensively working on issues related to public health awareness and individuals’ mental and physical wellbeing, I plan to move a step forward by linking public health to a “go-green culture.” Lebanon is in dire need of initiatives that preserve the environment and reduce the horrendously increasing air, water and land pollution levels. In order to achieve this goal, it is pertinent to include young Lebanese entrepreneurs and activists, especially women, who are working on finding solutions for Lebanon’s problems and who have promising initiatives in that regard. I want to spot the light on projects aimed at improving public health while easing tensions in the country, like waste management and recycling initiatives.

Lebanese media has always played a pivotal role in creating public perceptions locally and regionally. As a member of this media family, I am adamant about being a determined advocate of green solutions as well as good health practices. I want to sensitize people about preserving their country’s cultural and environmental riches which have historically distinguished it in the region. I believe this awareness raising and solution-oriented approach will contribute positively to my country’s development.