2013-2014 Raindrops, Ripples and Reflections

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A final legacy project is a requirement of each group of fellows, which is intended to be a distinctive package that encapsulates the fellows’ professional and personal journey during their year in the US and their leadership aspirations for the future. It serves both as a mechanism to report on the fellowship experience, but also give insight and guidance to future fellows.

2013-2014 Raindrops, Ripples and Reflections


What do raindrops and leaders have in common?

The effect a single raindrop makes in the sea is similar to the impact some leaders have in people’s lives. As raindrops make ripples on the water, legacy2014leaders create change. It is interesting that when we see a raindrop, we instinctively expect other raindrops to follow. Leaders also know that alone they cannot make a big impact. It is a delicate balance of working with others, drawing out and nurturing their potential. Good leaders are those who inspire, help others to develop, and together promote change. The world needs people like you and me – the raindrops willing to make ripples in our families, jobs, communities, nations and the world. Through the sheer volume and reach of the 35 year olds Humphrey Fellowship program, there is a promising expectation of rain across the globe.

The 2013-2014 Legacy Project is a multi-pronged venture, comprised of the following parts: E-book,  Music Video, CD Booklet and this blog. 

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