Joan Baez in Sarajevo, April 1993

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andreeainjapan | July 11, 2007

Joan Baez in Sarajevo, April 1993. Real footage. The song played is "Sto...

andreeainjapan | July 11, 2007

Joan Baez in Sarajevo, April 1993. Real footage. The song played is "Stones in the Road". The cellist playing in the street, towards the end of the video, is Vedran Smailovic, "the cellist of Sarajevo". (For further reference: )

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Uploader Comments (andreeainjapan)

  • This is yet another part of the PBS special that blew me away. Wish you had included the part where Joan is taking the chair from Vedran and singing a capella, 'Amazing Grace'....but thanks anyway.

  • I do not have that part. This is not taken from the PBS special (released I think in October this year) but from a much older material.

  • Sarajevo needed weapons to defend its people not Joan Baez.

    Forgive us Bosnia for having abbandoned you when you needed our help.

    Europe failed

  • Sarajevo needed wise people, not weapons. The whole world failed Sarajevo. And so many other places...

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  • There are very few people in this world that i admire as much as i admire Joan:an angel of peace

  • God bless her! she is a wonderful and brave woman. a person that did not forget the suffering of Bosnia and the people of Sarajevo

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  • recently been to sarajevo and fell in love with it

    miss it a lot

  • I didn't know that Joan was in Sarajevo 93.. Beautiful video.. It makes me cry.. because of war and everything. I'm from Belgrade. Peace.

  • Dobar čovjek. Trebamo više poput njega.

  • a guy from Sarajevo wants to say THANK YOU JOAN

  • Ah what solidarity and love exchange from Sarajevo raja to Joan! from Joan to us.... Moving, beautifull, wonderfull example of citizen courage! Adorable Joan, great Vedran!! Play it again!

  • S H E  DID!!

  • Vedran Smailovic, what a legend, seen him a few times around my area. Can't believe such a person would go near Warrenpoint but there you go.



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