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Roadmap to Leadership


Roadmap to Leadership  By Abida Eijaz @abidaeijaz     The roadmap to leadership is picked from John C Maxwell’s book 5 Levels of Leadership which exquisitely explains leadership as a verb, dividing the actions… Continue reading

My leadership plan


My leadership plan Abida Eijaz @abidaeijaz Make people believe in future with a higher purpose, act out, and empower them. A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows… Continue reading

Political Coverage in America: What worked, what went wrong, how to fix?


Political Coverage in America: What worked, what went wrong, how to fix? Dr. Abida Eijaz @abidaeijaz From 9/11 to 11/9, the time span is almost 15 years from one disrupting incident to another… Continue reading

My Personal Code of Ethics


My Personal Code of Ethics Today, the world is experiencing astounding developments in the field of science and technology, from the micro- discoveries to exploring galaxies. The question is whether the sorrows and… Continue reading

From Techno-war to Image-war: Pakistan is not a ‘Failed State’


In 2005 Foreign Policy magazine published a ‘failed states index’ which mentioned Pakistan under the category of failed states. Official website of Funds for Peace organization shows that in 2005, Pakistan’s ranking on… Continue reading

Global Me: Greater Connections, Greater Responsibilities


Global Me By Abida Eijaz Assistant Professor, University of the Punjab @abidaeijaz In a globalized world, participation and engagement of individuals is simultaneously taking place at both micro and macro levels. In this… Continue reading

Coverage of Race in America


How the American and the Global Media Frame the Coverage of Race Abida Eijaz Assistant Professor, Institute of Communication Studies, University of the Punjab, Pakistan Twitter @abidaeijaz The issue of race revolves around… Continue reading

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