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Welcome to our world – the world of Hubert H. Humphrey Fellows. This blog is your one window stop to learn about Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship program, us – the Fellows – who we are, what we do, where we come from, how we come to America, what we give and what we take in return

The Humphrey Fellowship program brings mid-career professionals from around the world to America so they could immerse themselves in academic learning and professional training at the same time. thousands of applicants apply from over 90 countries but only about 200 win the award. So the Fellows are very competitive as you can imagine.

The Cronkite School is one of the two schools in America that host Humphrey Fellows in journalism.

This space is our inner sanctum where we exchange and discuss ideas, experiences, lessons, reflections and express our creativity.

Our group is as diverse as it gets we come from every continent in the world except for Antarctica. Naturally, each of us has a very different view of the world and what we experience here in America.

Just to give you an idea what occurs on our not so brief sojourn we take classes and give talks at ASU; we do internships at different organizations, we have American families who become our families and host us in big and small ways, we have mentors who are faculty members at ASU, we get to visit Grand Canyon and other cool places in Arizona where we, besides having good time, put our heads together and come up with ideas how to make this professional and cultural exchange more meaningful.

Many Americans say we get to see more of America than them. It is true. Each of us extensively travel during 10 months and resultantly we share what we see on the east and west coasts and mid west and southwest.

Lastly and most importantly, we are global leaders in training and we want to leave something behind that will serve as our legacy and as guiding light for us and following generations of leaders.

This space provides you access to our legacy project, and projects of all previous generations of Humphrey Fellows. The legacy project is a combination of audio-visual elements which gives you a very interesting picture of our accomplishments here, our failures, our dreams, our plans and what we represent, in form of tales, video songs, an audio music album, an e-book and this blog.

2 Comments on “Welcome”

  1. About leadership: why a leader is not equal to another leader:
    “A leader is the one who has his feet on ground and the look toward the future “this quotation from Tertius Zongo, former Prime Minister of Burkina Faso summarize what means this very heavy qualification. In fact, as we saw in our first Humphreys seminar, while talking about Abraham Lincoln, JFK,and Martin Luther King Jr whom “I have a dream” 50th anniversary is going on, we can find several kind of leadership. When we state that a leader have to be a great orator, the capacity to convince people by ideas and arguments and whom don’t hesitate to delegate his power and be a good listener, we can list a lot of people from Martin Luther King Jr to President Barack Obama, coming through Gandhi, Confucius, Aung San Suu Kyi Thomas Sankara, Dale Carnegie, Benazir Bhuto, Nelson Mandela… In addition to those great leadership skills, there are more behavior that strengthen a leader and stands him out from the crowd: the self-confidence, that means to work out one’s attitude, model one’s personality, have a spirit of enterprise as well as a team spirit and open-minded. To fit the leader’s clothes, it’s important to avoid being selfish, dictatorial, spreading lake of confidence, fear or doubt…
    And the most important as a leader, is to remain yourself, to keep your beliefs, your nature, your dream on track. Because being a leader should mean a person who has a very early vision, know what he wants to do, how to do it for a long lasting effect. The fight now is having this ability to bring people to you, to make them share your vision, and leave a lasting impression while working to improve people life. How many people, changed radically their mind after earning “leadership positions”? How many of them have forgotten their friends of hard time and fight, how many of them have skipped their long-time struggle because they don’t any more feel basic needs, being at high positions today? How many of them have changed their vision from a day to another for no reason? Too much. They are to be added among what we call the “leaders by rights”: like ministers, institutions chairman, CEO…named at their position.
    We can finally, find “ leaders in fact”, whose charisma shines its best radiance, whose speech create deeper change into people mind, and heart, who don’t need artifice to convince people to do something to follow their ideal or make right decisions. When these leaders get to right positions, as for the “leaders by right”, their inspire people in right way and are like these seed which grow up, extend and carry unbelievable benefits for their society, from generations to generations. Through this Humphrey program I feel to have already reached the last corner before the road heading to this level of leadership.


  2. I hope you are having a great holiday season. I am conducting a dissertation on the Relationships of Teacher Servant Leadership, Learning Agility, and Student Engagement. I would appreciate if I could find the source of the servant leader diagram on the front page of the website. Thank you in advance.

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