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Meet guests with a smile


by Alla Nadezhkina Modern trends of the building of strategic communications force commercial and government organization have to be more open. One of the way of implement their PR tasks is to give… Continue reading

Ethics in journalism: a relic of the past or the basis for the future?


Alla Nadezhkina  Profession of journalist gives the right to make public court on behalf of the society covering various phenomenon and events. During his work journalist affects the interests of many people and… Continue reading

Let the best win…


Alla Nadezhkina Frankly, the person who is uninitiated into the details of the American political system, it is very difficult to understand what is happening on the battlefield for the seat in the… Continue reading

7 Habits: the best way to change your mind


Alla Nadezhkina  Sow a thought, reap an action; sow an action, reap a habit; sow a habit, reap a character; sow a character, rea destiny. Stephen Covey In this blog I would like… Continue reading

Traveling through the stars


Alla Nadezhkina All my life I like the new, all my life I look to the future, it is always interesting for me! Maya Plisetskaya (Russian ballerina, the legend of world ballet) It’s… Continue reading

Meeting of international community in D.C.


From the 25 to the 29, the October Global Leadership Forum (GLF) took place in Washington, D.C. Its agenda was global climate change. Within five days, 166 Humphrey Fellows from 90 countries discussed what it… Continue reading

Personal branding as a style of life


By Alla Nadezhkina With the development of social networks and all kinds of services for instant communication, more and more people began to create their own brands and to distribute them in a… Continue reading

Globally Me


By Kate Sitter I’m no stranger to branding. Anyone growing up with incessant commercials, jingles and logos is familiar. I’m also no stranger to personal branding. How else is a middle child supposed… Continue reading

Racism is a global issue of our time


By Kate Sitter and Alla Nadezhkina    American Kate Sitter and Russian Alla Nadezhkina, ASU students at the Humphrey Global Leadership Seminar, were assigned to write a blog on the topic “How the… Continue reading

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