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Queen Elizabeth II


By Bopha Phorn, Tea Francesca Price, Mila Moralic and Holger Roonemaa Leaders aren’t just born—they choose the role they play.   Source: Flickr, creative common To be a leader, one has to posses special… Continue reading

The Importance of Connecting with the past Humphrey fellows


By Bopha Phorn Humphrey fellows from ASU attended Global Leadership Forum in Washington, D.C. As Hubert H. Humphrey fellows, we get so many benefits, opportunities and privileges from the program. I want to… Continue reading

My Code of Ethics


Flickr:creatvie common Journalism plays a vital role in a democracy. Journalists work to inform people about events that take place in the societies they serve, which often occur outside the immediate “world” of… Continue reading

Was Malcolm X a Leader?


By Bopha Phorn, Tea Francesca Price, Mila Moralic and Holger Roonemaa Fifty years after the death of Malcolm X, racism and radicalization are two issues still causing tension–not only in the United States–but… Continue reading

Global Me


By Bopha Phorn The advent of the internet, the arrival of email and the explosion in social media mark three significant advances of the digital age. They have changed the way people communicate… Continue reading

How the World Can Stop Terrorism


  Source : Flickr: Creative Commons By Bopha Phorn Many lives of innocent civilians have been lost at the hands of terrorists in many poor and developed countries over the past quarter-century. In… Continue reading

Allie’s Recipe: “BBQ Chicken”


By Bopha Phorn, Allie Barton & Holger Roonemaa As Humphrey Fellows, we come from distinct parts of the world. We all speak different languages, come from different cultures and have various media backgrounds.… Continue reading

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