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Leadership and Organizational Success


By Connor Murphy Particularly in this presidential election year, men and women from all across the world have been evaluating what leadership characteristics matter to them. To me, courageous leadership requires leaders to… Continue reading

Leadership lessons from Colin Powell’s, “It Worked for Me”


By Connor Murphy In his book, “It Worked for Me: In Life and Leadership,” Colin Powell provides fascinating insights into life and leadership. He discusses some of his reflections on leadership in public… Continue reading

Kenneth Jarecke and the photo hidden around the world


From sports journalism to local government, photography plays a crucial role in modern media. But in some circumstances, photo-journalism plays an especially significant role. One such circumstance is war. Coverage of war is… Continue reading

My personal code of ethics: applying personal views in the professional world


By Connor Murphy My personal code of ethics is fundamentally rooted in the values of my family. To me, certain values play a particularly significant role in my life and the lives of… Continue reading

Political bias and journalism: balancing journalistic coverage and personal beliefs


By Connor Murphy In American political discourse, journalism is famously considered, “the fourth estate.” While American government is composed of three separate branches of government, journalism acts as an essential fourth element of… Continue reading

Identity and the global me: branding and self discovery


A photo of me on one of my most recent trips, to the White House in Washington, D.C.! I worked in Washington for eight months earlier this year. *** In an era where… Continue reading

Race, sports and the media: Coverage of Colin Kaepernicks’s protest


  By Connor Murphy and Edine Harr’Met-Kimbouala Perhaps more so than any other beat, sports journalism often seems to be uniquely insulated from the on-goings of the rest of the world. To many,… Continue reading

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