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My Approach to Leadership


If the past few months of my life have been about anything, they’ve been about leadership. I watched my country elect new and leaders, and worked for a person who I still maintain… Continue reading

Lessons from Adam Grant’s Originals


A huge emphasis of the Humphrey Seminar, especially for the attaches like me, is developing leadership skills.  To this end Dr. Bill assigned us to read a book about leadership and present our… Continue reading

Ethics in Journalism: The Case of Alan Kurdi


One of the most harrowing images of the Syrian Refugee crisis rose to international prominence early on in September of 2015. The picture, which I’m sure most of you have seen, is the… Continue reading

Covering the Race of a Lifetime


When I look at the coverage of the 2016 presidential election in America, I tend to view it through the lens of simple economics. As much as we like to idealize journalism for… Continue reading

Ethics in Politics and Beyond


To preface this post I need to say that unlike my journalist colleagues in the Humphrey Seminar I come from a field where ethics is far more murky and subjective. Contrary to news… Continue reading

Hanging up my Skates: Leadership Lessons in Hockey and Life


I really don’t know what to do with myself right now, this is the first season since I was 6 or 7 years old that I won’t be playing competitive hockey. For a… Continue reading

The Growing Importance of our Global Brands


For me answering the question “Do I want a global personal brand” is an obvious yes. The more important question is just how much of myself do I want to reveal through that… Continue reading

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