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On The Road to Being Decent


“The mental space that was once occupied by moral struggle has gradually become occupied by the struggle to achieve. Morality has been displaced by utility,” writes David Brooks, the famed New York Times… Continue reading

Warning from a Previous Fellow – Reintegrating Will Not Be Easy


There are many of us who have their jobs waiting for them when the Humphrey program ends and we return home. For some of us, though, the return home will mean the beginning… Continue reading

Three Simples Rules That Guide a Journalist


A journalist’s code of ethics should be reduced to the same values that define you as a person, as a character. These are the main principles that I am trying to follow. 1)… Continue reading

Too many tweets will damage your brand


I have never considered myself a vain person. That’s why it is hard to think of my global brand. But, considering the social media tools that I use, I have begun to create… Continue reading

Je suis Charlie!


The question of how to solve terrorism is a question about idealism. Hence, we should also be idealistic when looking for an answer. We can stop terrorism by chanting La Marseillaise minutes after… Continue reading

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