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“Stop and Sell the Roses”: lessons from business and life  


  Jim McCann’s book tells the story of how to build a business on flower sales and his family’s small business. The book also highlights his grandmother’s leadership style. The author of this… Continue reading

My Vision of Leadership


As the Head of one of the departments at the National Radio and Television in Burkina Faso, I often used my communication skills to establish a dialogue and a mutual understanding. Instead of… Continue reading

US Election: Mass Communication or Mass Influence?


Media and polls predicted the victory of Hillary Clinton. But the verdict of the ballot boxes was clearly different from all these forecasts. Americans chose Donald Trump instead of Hillary Clinton. Was it… Continue reading

My Ethics in Filmmaking


Documentary  is the movie that is built on reality. We tell stories starting from a reality lived or observed to an angle of narrative. The documentary is therefore different from fiction. Professional ethics plays… Continue reading

Ilham Boumehdi talks about the Moroccan Cinema


Movie industry and its dynamic impact in Morocco, which is located in the north part of the African country. In 2014, 20 feature films were produced in the kingdom which is not insignificant.… Continue reading

Racism in the United States: no power, no racism


Will racism increase in the United States if the Republican candidate Donald Trump rose to power? Last June on CNN, Reid Ribble a Republican congressman accused Trump of being a racist. In the dictionary,… Continue reading

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