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Marina’s action plan


Every November, when journalists cover the anniversary of the Dayton Peace Agreement in my country, Bosnia and Herzegovina, I wonder if we—ex-Yugoslavs—managed to learn anything from all we lived through.For years, I have… Continue reading

Thinking out of the box


Intrigued by the title for some time, this book came highly recommended by my colleague Lamija Aleckovic, ex- Executive producer at Aljazeera Balkans, one of the first boss ever who could easily to… Continue reading

Humankindness in 21st century


A man is driving a car and suddenly realizes a baby horse in middle of the roadway. His first idea is to  grab a stick and try to direct the baby horse to… Continue reading

Millennial’s parenting in the Era of Social Media


As I am thinking about “ Global me,” I am scrolling down my Facebook profile, the only social media window that I check on a regular basis. For me, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram… Continue reading

All that glitters is not gold


As one of the youngest journalists in the Balkans newsroom, I started to work for Aljazeera in 2011. During my first 6 months, we were trying to learn Aljazeera’s new style of reporting… Continue reading

Tufahija- the Bosnian way to say ” Welcome”


Different people, different taste. A good chef always has that true on his mind.  A few days ago, my friend Mila from Croatia, asked other fellows how they say what sound a rooster… Continue reading

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