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Winners and how they succeed


Who are the winners? Are they born with certain winning abilities or do they develop a winning mindset throughout their lifetime? The author of the Winners and How They Succeed, Alastair Campbell, gave… Continue reading

Ethical dilemma of self-identity


Is it possible to be neutral in judgments and attitudes when there is a political and armed conflict in your country?  Can you avoid being subjective? Is it ethical to make your opinion… Continue reading

People with unlimited abilities


Even minor health problems, like a finger cut or a workout-induced strained muscle, make us immediately think about our disability. We assume it will affect our habitual actions, so we focus all of… Continue reading

My global storytelling


Whenever I think about a notion of global personality, names of presidents, social activists, CEOs of global corporations and movie stars come to my mind. However, I would probably have never dared to… Continue reading

Chessboard of Race in America: The Deadly Game


“Life is a kind of Chess, with struggle, competition, good and ill events” Benjamin Franklin War against racism is one of the oldest fights humanity struggles to win, however, we permanently lose. People… Continue reading

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