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Transforming Great Idea Into Innovation


By RAJNEESH BHANDARI It happens most of the time that people come with amazing ideas, they’ll work on them for some time and leave them in the middle. They’ll soon start working on… Continue reading

The Revenant


By Rajneesh Bhandari,  Darko Ivanović and Yelognisse Vitalien Raoul Adoukonou The Revenant won 3 Oscars, for the best cinematography, director and actor. Director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu and cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki both set a new… Continue reading

Video: Sheriff Tony Estrada on Immigration and Drugs


By Rajneesh Bhandari Sheriff Tony Estrada of Santa Cruz County has been elected for six times. “I am 23 years as Sheriff,” Tony Estrada said. He started his law enforcement career in 1966… Continue reading

Should Journalists Vote?


By Rajneesh Bhandari With the electoral Iowa caucus held on Monday, United States presidential election 2016 is on full swing. In Iowa, Ted Cruz won from the republican candidates whereas Bernie Sanders and… Continue reading

The Road Not Taken


By Rajneesh Bhandari When I talk about leadership, often I remember the poem “the road not taken”  by Robert Frost. Frost tells it all, that leaders do take less travelled way. Two roads… Continue reading

Global Journalist


My linkedin profile describes me as a ‘global multimedia journalist.’ I used the word ‘global’ because I want to tell stories around the world to the global audience. After travelling to 20 countries… Continue reading

Media Has The Power To Conquer Social Ills


By Travis Arbon and Rajneesh Bhandari Just as different media outlets reported on Ferguson differently, audiences had varying reactions to the coverage and how it influenced their perception of racial injustice. According to… Continue reading

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