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Can we have more Wangari Maathai today?


Wangari Maathai of Kenya was not a single-issue leader, but someone who understood the deep connections between the environment, politics, and human rights. By Szabolcs Panyi, Kiran Kabtta Somvanshi, Paul Udoto, Alexandra Watts.

If you’re a journalist, your enemies could be digging up your social media posts


“In the election campaign that’s ahead of us we have to stand our ground against external forces mostly. We have to stand our ground against the mafia network of George Soros and bureaucrats… Continue reading

Being very close to a terrorist attack taught me to keep calm


I never thought that a glass of whisky could save lives, but a $15 Smoky Scotch likely saved me on December 19, 2016. That day I was visiting Berlin to meet some German journalists… Continue reading

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