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Jonah Berger reveals the secret of contagiousness


Jonah Berger in his book “Contagious” presents six principles of contagiousness: social currency, triggers, emotions, public, practical value, story. These principles he compiled into one acronym: STEPPS. According to him, these traits could… Continue reading

Five lessons of media relations from Leonard Downie


Leonard Downie Jr., the Weil Family Professor of Journalism at the Cronkite School, is the former executive editor and vice president of The Washington Post. During the Humphrey seminar, Downie talked about presidents… Continue reading

Leadership plan. It is difficult…


There is a proverb “If you want God to move to laughter tell him about your plans”. But there is another one too “Rely on God but help yourself too”. I think this… Continue reading

Work on emotional intelligence hard, but it’s worth it


Book – Emotional intelligence 2.0 By Travis Bradberry & Jean Greaves For me emotions are one of the most important parts of individuality. That’s why my choice was this book. It turned out… Continue reading

Men on high heels for bringing good to community


I spent my weekend with Florence Crittenton, an organization which has been helping girls and women in Arizona for more than a century. I volunteered for their annual Heels for Healing – a… Continue reading

Aung San Suu Kyi: The Fight for Freedom


Since she won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1991, Aung San Suu Kyi has been dubbed as the  “goddess of democracy” and “Nelson Mandela of the East”. Her life symbolizes the struggle of… Continue reading

From Tian Shan mountains to being global


By Tynymgul Eshieva @tinahumphreykg Language is a step towards you being global Have I ever imagined that someday I will start to talk about myself in a global context.  I was in first… Continue reading

Breaking The Taboo


Why the lack of education limits our perception of the world A dialog between Ivaylo Vezenkov and Tina Eshieva  Orpheum theater (Phoenix, Arizona) awaiting for speakers   “Political bodies” was the theme of… Continue reading

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