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Personal ethics in a professional setting


By: Alexandra Watts (Header image courtesy of Diego Sevilla Ruiz – Flickr) Every career has its own set of ethics. Doctors have medical ethics, which include taking the Hippocratic oath. There are ethics… Continue reading

The Need for Essential Truth


At its core, journalism ethics are rooted in one primary goal, which is telling the truth. There are other principles, like objectivity, that have been questioned and redefined as the industry has evolved,… Continue reading

Three Simples Rules That Guide a Journalist


A journalist’s code of ethics should be reduced to the same values that define you as a person, as a character. These are the main principles that I am trying to follow. 1)… Continue reading

Where our ethics come from?


I know my values pretty well. Integrity and patience are important to me, active honesty is challenging but critical. People should be positive but receptive to criticism, accept good and bad feelings and… Continue reading



Ethics for me is your conscience! It tells you, warns you or even gives you a hint if you’re doing right or wrong, pushing too far, or not doing enough. When I decided… Continue reading

Ethics in journalism: a relic of the past or the basis for the future?


Alla Nadezhkina  Profession of journalist gives the right to make public court on behalf of the society covering various phenomenon and events. During his work journalist affects the interests of many people and… Continue reading

Evaluating Ethics and Leadership in Schindler’s List


As part of our “Lessons in Leadership–Hollywood Style” project, our group examined the leadership styles and ethical dilemmas found in the powerful 1993 film Schindler’s List. “Whoever saves one life saves the world… Continue reading

The Year of Living Dangerously


After watching the film “The Year of Living Dangerously,” we answered a few questions about the film, as seen below. 1. Which leader(s) did you admire most? We admired Billy Kwan as a… Continue reading

Ethical Behavior in Lifestyle Journalism


As a PR-centric student at the Cronkite school, I know better than to offer a journalist any type of “gift” if there is an intention to bribe or gain favor. However, it made… Continue reading

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