AlQaeda Supporter in Libya are Free!

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It sounds that not only the people of Libya have become free. The CNN has announced that prisoners in Libya have become free, too.  What makes it worse is that more than 600 of those prisoners are Pro-Al Qaeda militants..

I can remember how scare we were in Egypt when we knew that prisoners were free! My God! These moments were very terrible in the history of the Egypt’s 25th of January Revolution. Fear.. Concerns.. Imagine that you have been told that all the prisoners in all over the country are now free.. They are hungry, anger, and want to take revenge of all the society.. In my case, there was no government, no police, even most of the people were there sit-in against the old regime in Square of Tahrir and other main squares in Egypt. It seems that history repeats itself.

Worth-mentioning that one of the fears raised, when the West announced about a military action against the former regime, was that there was a big opportunity had been given to AlQaeda supports to move. It was, approximately, the first time the West and AlQaeda agreed on one issue: fighting AlGadaffi’s regime.

In fact, the people of Libya are facing many challenges the struggle between the rebels on one side and Moammar AlGadaffi’s supports on the another, the political, social and economic instability,. I am not too optimistic to believe that this is end of the old regime and the beginning of new stable life in Libya just because the rebels accessed the capital!! Many concerns are raising themselves about the future of Libya.