Phoenix Public Transport: Complicated Even With Light Rail

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I wonder if public transportation will become more popular among Phoenicians, or cars still will dominate here. It seems that every major city in the U. S. – even not as vast and populated as Phoenix – sooner or later makes its way from car-oriented city to expanding public commuter service. Although first steps – first phase of light rail – were made in Phoenix, public transport system is waiting to be much more improved.

I found only one bus route in Phoenix which runs every 10 minutes – and the majority of routes only run every 30 and even 60 minutes that is definitely inconvenient. Maybe that’s why only very specific types of Phoenicians (and, thanks to U-Pass, ASU students and staff) ride public buses and rail. It is just because if you value your time, you will not use transport that will take you to desired place in an hour or even two.

I like bus system here that runs strictly towards streets in east-west and south-north directions. But only at least ten-minute intervals will make it really reliable.

4 Comments on “Phoenix Public Transport: Complicated Even With Light Rail”

  1. You’re right– mass transit historically has not been successful in the west. Except in large metro areas– LA, San Fran but even there it leaves much to be desired.

  2. Oh wow, you are so right. It is really frustrating to wait for the bus for such a long time.You only want to get to one shop, and it takes two hours to get from home and return…AAAARGGGH!

  3. This is an importnat issue to be discussed in such a car-oriented city. However, and to be honest, I am satisfied with the light rail system. It is fast, clean, and in time..

  4. Hi Evgeny,
    I’m truly activist of public transportation. In my opinion it is a one of the basic right that as citizen we should have, it also should be finance by the government. We pay taxes, we contribute with the growth of our countries etc, many reasons to say that we should have a decent public transportation . That problem is not just in USA, also in Brazil we face it. The whole system of mobility like roads, was influenced by big companies that need consumers to buy their cars. As well, big companies that build roads, pavements need marketing. So, guess what how our mobility system was based? That’s why people who don’t have conditions to afford car, still suffering under the strong sun (like Phoenix). Also, the car stimulates the individuality of the people. By the time everyone became closed, individualistic. Your car is your world. But, when you’re on public transport you have chance to see people, talk to them, at least for the minute exchange small words even just a hello. Another strong reason that I like public transportation is because is good to the environment. We have less carbon dioxide emitted to the atmosphere. Every smoke (from fossil fuels) emitted stay in the atmosphere for at least 100 year. By public transportation we have less car on the streets, more fresh air to breath and balance in our climate. So anyway, we have many reasons in being activist for a better public transport. But is very difficult to convince others about it. Meanwhile, people in their cars are more individualist, fat, and vulnerable to the climate changes.

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