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Ethical Leadership: James Comey


Leadership is often seen as a personal enterprise: an exercise in inward focus on one’s self, and refining the things that enable you to lead a group of people. Another facet of leadership… Continue reading

Hotel Rwanda: Leadership on the big screen


By “The Best” Team: Isaac, Lilan, Alex and Adey Hotel Rwanda is a timeless classic that dramatizes one of the most tragic events in Africa, the Rwandan Genocide.  The protagonist, Paul Rusesabagina (pictured above)… Continue reading

Free Press? Not so easy


“In an era when many assumptions about communication and information are being reconsidered, it is difficult to say exactly what journalists can or should be free from. A better question to ask might… Continue reading

Thoughts on working abroad: The decision


The reason I have taken part in the Humphrey Seminar and the reason that I have studied abroad three times in my career at ASU, is that I have a passion and longing… Continue reading

Mikhail Gorbachev: the Quintessential Global Leader


By: Alex Gorbachev, Isaac Windes, Adey Tegene and Li Lan Wu Mikhail Gorbachev, the former leader of the USSR which catalyzed and oversaw the fall of the Communist hold on Russia is an… Continue reading

The Path Forward: Mission Statement for Isaac Windes


My mission is to leverage the power of technology and communication deliberately and confidently in order to tell impactful stories, speak truth to power and enrich the lives of myself and others. -Isaac… Continue reading

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