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Leaders who Sing


By Fang-Wen Lu, Lysandra Marquez, Kazi Mohua, Savera Shami and Xiaofeng Wang Adults can sure take a leadership lesson from the animated family film, Sing. The premise of the films revolves around an… Continue reading

Establish your purpose by establishing a brand


The Global Me The basis of one’s work usually tends to define the reach of one’s brand, but in today’s world, any brand can easily become a ‘global brand’. With the advent of… Continue reading

Knowledge is Power when it comes to Terrorism


By Lysandra Marquez The root of many issues regarding terrorism around the world resides in ignorance and fear, and often, a group is erroneously blamed for the misconduct of one individual. When rogue,… Continue reading

Yerba Mate


When Mexico and Uruguay come together, it often times involves a soccer match.  This time, it was over a caffeine-rich drink native to South America known as ‘mate’. The drink itself is similar… Continue reading

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