Leaders who Sing

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By Fang-Wen Lu, Lysandra Marquez, Kazi Mohua, Savera Shami and Xiaofeng Wang

Adults can sure take a leadership lesson from the animated family film, Sing.

Movie poster for the film, Sing.

The premise of the films revolves around an ambitious koala, Buster Moon, who yearns for success in the theater business. As part of a fundraising event, Moon organizes a singing competition, but the prize amount is misinterpreted. This puts Moon in a tough situation.

Buster Moon, owner of the theater.

The characters who partake in the competition all have different strengths and weaknesses, which become clearer throughout the duration of the film. When Moon and gang face a tough situation, everyone pitches in and works together for the greater good.

The film itself sheds light on two very important lessons, an individual’s ability to work with others to contribute to the greater good, as well as using their unique leadership qualities independently.

Characters from the film, Sing.

Some of the biggest takeaways from the film revolve around the idea of teamwork as a strategy for success:

  1. This movie shows that having a strong team is extremely important, one that can motivate the leader and help him in the hour of need.
  2. This movie also shows how “individuals” can go from being strangers, to becoming a united front.  If the team stays united, it can continue to inspire beyond its immediate surroundings.
  3. It is notable here that it was the strength of the team which gave Mr. Moon (leader) a new hope.
  4. One important thing this movie highlights is that short cuts never work, only hard work can lead you to your goal.
  5. Good leadership should include the ability of identifying the person who has potential.
  6. Being a leader is a process of reinventing yourself. Mr. Moon(leader) eventually grows into a successful businessman after being through many series of trials and tribulations.

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  1. I loved this presentation, and it seemed like everyone really resonated with the movie in some way. Sometimes, the movies meant for kids can teach us the most. I want to see this film!

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