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I was just speaking to my friends and family on the phone a few minutes back, and explained to them about Social and Online Media.They think I’m wasting my time, because being on Facebook and Twitter means playing on the computer. I talked about blogging and they say they don’t really need all of that. Facebook is enough, because they get to chat with their friends. They are complaining that I am making a mistake to quit Broadcast journalism, because it is cool to interview people and to be seen and heard on television and radio. They don’t understand that it is not about all that. So far, I have conducted interviews, typed my stories on Microsoft Word, and mailed it to the capital to be edited and aired. That is where the whole thing ends. No other computer experience, no editing of visuals. NOTHING! On top of that I had to witness only half of my story being aired, because what I said might get us into trouble with “the mister or some rich guy”….And now that I’m here, I found out how boring my job was all this time.I am thinking about the day when I return to Namibia. I will definitely not be the same, and everybody should be prepared to change with me. THANK GOD I’M PART OF THE HUMPHREY TEAM…

About Taati

My name is Taati Niilenge from Namibia. I am a reporter, working for the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation. I am currently studying at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism as a Humphrey Fellow. I plan to make the most of this experience and take a lot of knowledge to my country, especially with regard to Social Media. i do not know a lot right now, but I AM PLANNING TO SUCCEED!

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  1. Taati, I share the same thoughts. I think we get to learn so many new things here and get totally new perspective on life back home, that after returning we will never be the same!

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