The First Class of Sutdio Production

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The first Class of Studio Production
I was so nervous before attending the Studio Production Class, as this would be my first time to attend class in Cronkite Schoo.The moment I reached the room, I saw many students outside the class. As I approached a lovely girl named’Chelsey Davis’she was so welcoming that her mood sparkled my thoughts about the environment of the class.She asked me about my majors but when I told her that I was not regular student but a Humphrey Fellow from Pakistan, which attracted other students there standing beside her. They also accepted my very warmly.
The instructor Brian Snider, a very meek and down to earth man who is also my mentor for this year started off the class with his introduction and then told about the outline of the course. I was excited to hear the stuff he was going to introduce as I always yearned to learn this in my country but couldn’t do. Brian introduced me to the class and I was feeling a delight to be the part of his course which I have wanted to take since the start. When the students started introducing them and while they were introducing, I was figuring out the differences in the way introduction between my high schools and the USA.Besides telling the names, I didn’t find any similarity in introduction. In my country the instructor until the time I studied never asked about why we were taking the course we were registered for. I recollected my introduction at the Masters Level in my university; it was only the name, the city, school’s and college’s name, besides I had to answer one question related to my father’s name.
The students were quite clear expressing their interest for the course. Chelsey who became my friend in first meeting had also done internship in ABC News. Another fellow Mike had good command in Final Cut Pro and so as few others were also with good technical background in the production. Quite few were freshmen and they seemed to be.
My period of astonishment started when Brian told about different roles in the class. Starting from director to the cameramen. He also mentioned about switching of roles, this was absolutely new for me. As in my country I had to do many tasks for my show which here are delegated to the person with expertise. When he started doing the practice with the students to assign different roles, I was sitting there shocked and muted. But the students really practiced very well. I could see their sharpness.
I am happy to be the part of these intelligent fellows as I can imagine from the first class that how would it transform me.I told my Executive Editor Hamid Mir in Pakistan about my course. ‘‘Lubna, I am so happy for what you are learning and waiting for your return,’’ Hamid Mir wrote in his email to me. It will be a year full of learning and I am all set to start my new journey in my field of Television Production.

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2 Comments on “The First Class of Sutdio Production”

  1. Lubna, is so nice to read about your first experience at Studio Production class. I can imagine your doubts and fears at the first moment. I felt the same in all my classes. But one different thing that happened with you was the warm reception from the regular students. In my case so far, I haven’t experienced this situation in my both classes. Hopefully it is going to chance, I want to be more close to my fellow students as well.

  2. lubna, you know. I think everyobody here will share the same opinion with you. Since we are definitely not used on American educational system I am sure that this year is going to be year with great experiences and lot of new friendship:)

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