10 Quotes From Aaron Brown

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Aaron Brown, former CNN anchor, professor of journalism in ASU Cronkite School made a very moved, in-sight presentation about his coverage on 9/11 tonight. Here are 10 quotes made by him.

  1. “9/11 is not something that happened to me, (or) the mayor of NY…it’s something that happened to all of us.”
  2. “The world that you now occupy was totally transformed by that day.”
  3. “There’s not a story, big or small, that I don’t find joy in telling.”
  4. “I never worried about failing, I would rather you didn’t either.”
  5. “A reporter who does not understand the honor that it is to have the trust of their audience has no business in this business.”
  6. “When they are well we are well, and until they are well we have not recovered.”
  7. “Do not report numbers; report individual lives with individual dreams. We do not report that 3000 people died, we report that one person died 3000 times.”
  8. “If you can’t make people feel stuff, you’ve failed. It’s not enough to make people think it.”
  9. “We don’t confuse war and warriors. We understand the difference. We’re reporters.”
  10. “Do your best work in them (big moments) and you hope that 10 years later you will look at them and they will still make you cry.”

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