Controversy about overeacting

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Two days ago, this caricature appeared in the most-read Slovak newspaper SME. The caricature shows opinion of some of the people (outside of USA) who think that US people are being overly concerned about possible terrorist attacks, that the security procedures at the aiports and US buildings are too strict and limit the freedom of people. It is a sad picture about a very sad event.

The truth is, that since 9/11  no such attack took place in USA in a whole decade. On contrary, we have witnessed the attacks in Madrid, London – where I was present at that time, Moscow or Bali.  And I don’ t really have an access to the archives of US government or secret services, but who knows what might happened if very strict steps ensuring the security haven’ t been taken?

That is why it doesn’ t bother me at all walking barefoot in the airport, putting all my cosmetics into a plastic bag or open my suitcase one hundred times. I know it’ s all for my own security.