Which Country Has Most Vacation Days?

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Which country has most vacation days? The answer is: Brazil and Lithuania have the most overall vacation days, while the US, China and Canada are among the countries mandating the fewest. The numbers include both minimum mandatory days off, as well as public holidays.

Brazil: 41+ ( has a statutory minimum of 30 days for vacation and 11 days for public holidays)

Russia: 40 (Russia has a statutory minimum of 28 days leave, plus 12 days for public holidays)

Egypt: 37 ((Pakistan has minimum 21 days vacation and 16 days for public holidays)

Slovakia: 35 (Slovakia has minimum 20 days vacation and 15 days for public holidays)

Pakistan: 28 (Pakistan has minimum 14 days vacation and 14 days for public holidays)

United States: 25  (America doesn’t have a mandatory requirement for vacation days, but typically gives 15, according to Mercer. The US has 10 public holidays )

Costa Rica: 23 (Costa Rica has 9 mandatory holidays, plus 14 days vacation days)

China: 21 (China matches Canada with the lowest number of vacation days at 10, but has 11 public holidays, Canada only has 9 public holidays)

Bosina: 26+7

Namibia: to be updated

Macedonia: 20+11

Maldives: 30(+10)+12





2 Comments on “Which Country Has Most Vacation Days?”

  1. This is very interesting topic Alex..
    When I celebrated Iftar Eid “The Feast of Breakfast” the last three days, I asked on my self “why the Muslims’ holly feasts are not taken into consideration regarding to be included in the official US holidays calendar.. it is not from religious attitude but rather form my loving of holidays and vacations.
    To be fair, all the people from all other religions may then have the right to say the same.

    however, and if it happens, I think all of us and the American people will be all the year in an open vacation.. Amazing. isnot it?

  2. These are fascinating statistics!

    Vacation days have always been very important to me, and when I was first starting out in my professional career I even negotiated an additional vacation day (rather than receiving a pay increase). The interesting thing for Americans is that we often spend our “vacation days” working just as hard as on a regular work day (we’re just not at the office!). We’re either trying to complete projects at home, or are busy doing things with family, or spend time traveling near and far–but with technology we’re most likely checking email on our laptop or BlackBerry, or making calls, etc. I think we, as an American society, struggle with actually disconnecting from work when we’re not at work….then it’s not really a “vacation,” is it?

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