The End of Studio Production Class

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When I started looking at the courses in early August,Studio Production course struck me in the first glance.There are couple of reasons for this strike;first one was offcourse I wanted to learn more about the studio production being the producer and,secondly studio production is the basic of the broadcast production.Even though I was told that I would not be registered for the course,I didn’t care about it,as I wanted to learn.

I will never forget the first day when I met the students outside the class and they all greeted me in such a manner that we had known each other for a long time.I was quite perplexed about the course as to whether I would be able to keep up with the pace alongwith American students.I knew most of the terms due to having been into the profession but I never knew that I would learn to operate all equipments and perfomed all roles that a person in studio performs.

I really enjoyed as some moments were really funny especially when our instructor and my mentor Brian Snyder lost his temper.When I first saw Brian with such attitude,it reminded me of my teachers in the school,scolding students to make them work right.That attitude of Brian really gave us an impetus to perform the asigned task right the next turn.

My apprehension was always switchin or what is called the job of technical director.I couldn’t do it when Brian was absent in one class.Then I took it in the last class and to my astonishment,I did it so well that I couldn’t believe that I did it.The switiching here is more difficult than one in Pakistan.As here,the keys to go for graphics is more technical than the one we have.But I did it,bingo as Brian says.

The last day was really memorable when my friend Chelsey brought a cake with Brian’s picture on the cake.We all shared some funny and serious moments from the class.

My all fellows have left strong imprints on my mind that will remain forever.The way they used to appreciate me for every role I performed and they always made me feel so special.I love them all.

I never knew that I would make so quick friends out of this class.I really miss this class and all my lovely fellows.Nothing stays permanent in life,people come and go but memories always have permanent abode.

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