Third week with Channel 12

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If there is anything so far good happens to me in Phoenix in terms of professional learning,it is none other than but my time with Channel 12.Today was my third Thursday with them,as according to my schedule I have to spend every Thursdays with them.So far I have met everyone in Production staff and also the receptionist has started to know me very well.
My main person to work with is Archie,who is the executive producer,I dont have the finest words to define his personality as a wonderful human being and extremely professional.The first day I saw him heading the staff,I was quite fascinating to see his patience and attitude towards his subordinates.At the age of 34,Archie has achieved what the people struggle to achieve for their whole lives.Its the blessing of GOD on such persons that he bestows upon them what they deserve.I can never forget his kindness and his concern for me in terms of his wish and will to let me examine and see the production in his channel.

Sandra,another delicate woman with attractive personality will always remain in my heart as for me since the time I met them first and till now ,they dont look like strangers to me.The way they have accepted me and indulged me is certainly beyond explanation.

The other people in the channles,I know are equally friendly and kind.I will never forget the sense of humor of Daniell.

Except the environmen of the newsroon which is quite similar to my newsroom.The rest of the things I observe are different from production I used to do.I am learning to be more organized and innovative.Different ideas have also started to take shape in my mind which I would implement in Pakistan.Atleast every Thursday I am contended to learn something new.

I will be taking so much with me to Pakistan.Thanks to all the wonderful people of Channel 12.

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