Quotes that Lead

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 Listen to Learn~

 “Man’s inability to communicate is a result of his failure to listen effectively.” Carl RogersLeadership for Everyone

 Empathize their Emotions~

“Empathy creates a sense of openness and an acceptance of all attitudes or emotions.”

Attend to Aspirations~

 “Aspirations are the motives that drive us to act.” Peter J. Dean

Diagnose and Detail~

 “Normal everyday leaders build ideas and seek to accomplish them.” Peter J. Dean

Engage for Good Ends~

 “Everyday leaders acting with ethical standards help create an ethical climate.” Peter J. Dean

 Respond with Respectfulness~

 “A person-centered, nonauthoritarian arena can be created one conversation at a time.”

Speak with Specificity~

 “Speaking reveals our leadership skills as well as the personal power and sphere of influence one has…”

Gardenia Coleman

Dr. Peter J. Dean

Leadership for Everyone by Peter J. Dean

2 Comments on “Quotes that Lead”

  1. Gardenia, I loved how involved you got in your presentation yesterday with personal connections; it seems like you really gained a lot of knowledge and understanding from this book!

    I identified with your first point, “listen to learn.” I frequently start thinking of what I want to say (whether that’s before a presentation, commenting in class or group situations or talking with friends) before my time to speak has come. I believe there needs to be some type of multi-mind-tasking involved otherwise there would be gaps in translation; however, you have a great point: it’s important to LISTEN. I sometimes forget that. I need to get better at it as both a follower and a leader.

  2. I really like the last quote about speaking with specificity — “Speaking reveals our leadership skills as well as the personal power and sphere of influence one has…” Public speaking has always been a struggle for me, but it’s an incredibly important part of leading others (as well as communicating the ability to lead). That quote inspires me to work harder on my public-speaking skills, because who I am as a leader will shine through (or not) depending on what I say and how I present myself as I say it.

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