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Listening to Stephen Buckley on Monday, no doubt, was a treat for all of us. Even though I’m not planning to work in news after graduation, his thoughts on leadership were truly inspiring – especially after Taati’s presentation (also great)!

I’ve had the privilege and honor to lead others many times in my life. As both a leader and a follower I’m always looking for ways to create better relationships and smoother work environments.

There was one thing Buckley said that really made an impact:

“My job is to find out what motivates you and play to that,” he said.

This is some of the best advice I’ve heard yet. Like Stephen said, a leader’s job is to encourage the people around him or her to be better and/or perform at his or her best. What better way to encourage than to play to people’s motivation?! It’s funny that it seems like such a natural idea, but I’d never thought of it before.

I’m excited to present Radio with my group on Monday! Have a great week all!

3 Comments on “Inspired by Leadership”

  1. First of all . . . That picture is awesome! Secondly, I agree. Buckley’s leadership style was incredibly unique and seemed to be very focused on the well being of his followers. I really enjoyed the concept of finding others’ motivations and using those findings to connect / lead. I also loved his response to your question about what makes for a better follower: “Master your craft.”

  2. Great movie choice Emily! I loved that idea of playing off the motivations of others. I think the best way of leading a group of people is letting them think and act for themselves. By using the best attributes of each person, the team gets stronger and better. I think that’s a huge part of how he helps others be better at what they do. Great points!

  3. I think Buckley has a positive and encouraging leadership style and I love it! I agree that this is some very insightful and useful advice on leadership.

    I agree with Jessica that your picture is awesome! Did you make it on word cloud?

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